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Many brides that I speak with tell me a video isn’t important to them, they’re more interested in some of our other services like photography and DJ. I understand that. Actually, I overstand that.

When I was planning my wedding ten years ago I didn’t even consider a videographer because budget. And who ever watches wedding videos anyway? A friend with a camera took some footage and gave it to me on a DVD. I have no idea where that DVD even is.

Fast forward to now. I have two daughters, four and two years old, and I want a wedding video. Not a two-hour one that I’d never watch, but ten minutes that they could see and feel like they were there when Mama and Dada got married. When we started our little family. I know they would watch it over and over and over.

I wish I had a short film of my wedding day. To see my Grandparents who aren’t here anymore, hear the promises my man and I made to each other, listen to the whole group sing one of my favorite songs. I remember the doors opening and walking arm in arm with my daddy to my husband (who was WEEPING by the way). Friends told me they had chills when those doors opened. It was this life-altering moment. I’d pay really good money to be able to play that video and see those babies (we were young) start this adventure we’re still on.

The magic of film is it can make you feel like you’re there again. Hearing the vows and toasts, watching the hugging and dancing, capturing all those decisions you made about food and decorations and colors. Our team does an incredible job of taking hours of footage and creating a short film that highlights the beginning of this amazing journey. I would love for us to be able to create that for you.

Blog written by Haley Byrnes – Complete Event Consultant

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San Antonio Wedding Photography

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