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Who doesn’t like to watch an engaging movie? It’s the great American pastime! While it’s hard to beat a well-written book, movies of all kinds tell a story and allow you to be a part of it, even if it’s from a spectators view!

Have you ever thought about what is involved in taking a movie from an idea on paper all the way through production, specifically the editing of the countless hours of both video and audio? Fist pumps to those both creative and skillful in video editing. I take their role for granted way to often ☹

Here at COMPLETE weddings + events, we are abundantly blessed to have our own amazing team of professional video editors that are dedicated to making the highest quality wedding and special event videos without breaking the bank. I was just talking to Jordan (a leader in our editing department) yesterday about his role and how we value what the editing team contributes every day. Keep up the great work Jordan!!

Before we interview a videographer that is interested in working in our organization, we have them submit a portfolio of their recent work that we then have our video editing team critique for quality. If we receive approval, we then bring them into our studio to ensure they are great fit for our culture and for serving our customers at the highest level. The next step is to have the new hire videographer ‘shadow’ one of our veteran shooters for a few hours at an event. This extra step ensures they possess the skill to capture quality video/audio, yes – our editing team reviews their footage after the event to confirm they are representing themselves in a truthful way.

The illustration above is a concrete example of one of the many ways that we own our role in providing professional services at weddings and special events. You deserve the very best on your most special of days.

Our team would be honored to answer any questions you have as you consider and plan for adding videography to your special events services! Mention this blog and receive an additional hour of video coverage on your event day at no charge!

We look forward to connecting with you!


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