San Antonio Wedding Photography – The success of your event is paramount to us!

Planning and preparing for special events and weddings are an exciting time, and the options for creativity are virtually endless as you work towards making your vision a reality.

At COMPLETE weddings + events, we have the honor of serving at hundreds of special events every year, each unique in its own way. Yet all events, every last one of them face the same reality – that the world is a broken place full of uncertainty and change.

While it is impossible to avoid this brokenness, we take extra-strides to ensure your events success. An example of one of these steps is requiring our Photographer’s and Videographer’s to have back up equipment on hand at each event. From spare camera’s, batteries and memory cards – we mandate that our event staff’s equipment is of the highest professional quality and maintained to ensure your day will be captured in all its glory.

Your special event is a once in a lifetime celebration that you have dreamed of, poured countless hours of planning into, and dedicated numerous resources to. When researching for a photography and/or videography vendor to serve you on this most special day, require them to have backup equipment with them at the event! This will give you great peace of mind and confidence, that all your special moments are being captured for generations to enjoy.

Our team of talented and skillful photographers and videographers are excited to connect and serve you on your most special day. Please contact our studio 210.595.9025 / [email protected]  to set up a consultation and discover what makes COMPLETE weddings + events unique – our amazing team and incredible value.

Lakeside Wedding San Antonio
Lakeside Wedding San Antonio

COMPLETE weddings + events

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